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"Be the reason someone feels welcomed, seen, heard, valued, loved, and supported."
Susan Kerby

RAMP Audio Files

1. RAMP Introduction
2. RAMP Chapter 1
3. RAMP Chapter 2
4. RAMP Chapter 3

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5. RAMP Chapter 4

Heading 1

We are a church family that is open to everyone to come fellowship with us. If you are seeking a church home, or just have some questions that you'd like some answers to, we would love for you to come visit us. Our Pastor's phone and email are at the bottom of every page, and you can learn more about us on the About Us page. We look forward to seeing you soon.



Sabbath School Classes: 10am

Worship Service: 11:30am

Every Saturday


First time visiting? Would it make you feel more comfortable to know a little more of what to expect before you visit?  We made a special info page just for you.


We have two main ministries for adults. Sabbath School and Women's ministries. These ministries are used to teach and grow the members, but also to bless others.


We have both Pathfinders and Adventurers programs for the kids, which has them learning about God, his creation, and doing all sorts of fun outdoor activities.

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