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NEW! Wed. Night Prayer Meeting

Prayer meeting

UPDATE: Originally, this post said the study starts January 31, but that was a misprint. Please note that the study group will start February 7.

Starting February 7, join us for a weekly time of prayer, discussion and fellowship. Pam and Phil Williams have opened the house on the hill above the church for this warm and inviting time together.

Time: 6:00-7:30pm every Wednesday

Call Eileen at 302-690-2339 with questions.

The group will be reading and discussing A God Named Desire by Ty Gibson. Please come and join in, even if you haven't had a chance to read.

Book description:

We are creatures of intense desire. We emerge from the womb longing for touch and affection. Desire pulsates within us every waking moment of our lives. Our hearts are fueled by hungry yearnings for connection, for relationship, for a sense of belonging. We plunge into life, giving ourselves away to him or her, to this or that, drinking in every promise of fulfillment. And yet, we always emerge from the quest for love still feeling a persistent and insatiable desire for something more. A God Named Desire is about that something more. There are some books that speak with an unusual level of clarity to the deepest issues that press the human heart. This is one of those rare books.

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