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August 17: New Women's Study

Beginning at 10 AM on Friday, August 17, you're invited to begin a 7 week Bible Study series entitled “Job, a Study of Unlikely Joy.” This is a new video led Bible study especially for women featuring Lisa Harper. I hope many of you will be able to join us at Hope Beach's home. You will need to purchase the study book which is available through Lifeway or Amazon.

Series description:

Imagine if a really good, Godly guy was just ambling along, minding his own, well-behaved business when he fell into into a deep pit of pain, loss and suffering. Then, when he was buried up to his neck in misery at the bottom of that horrible hole, he found out God allowed his terrible tumble. Surely he would renounce his faith in a compassionate Creator-Redeemer, right? Maybe get a huge, "God is dead or at least asleep at the wheel" tattoo across his back. Well, that scenario actually happened to a guy named Job and while history is blurry about the tattoo, it's crystal clear about his unshakable faith. Despite overwhelming odds, Job clung tenaciously to the truth that God is good...even when life is unbelievably bad. This incredibly engaging and inimitable story proves that God's providence will never take us to a place where His grace will not sustain us. No matter what difficulties we're walking through, or crisis we're facing we can rest in an unlikely joy.

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